Developing Our First Condition-Level Review on Tuberculosis Care

Developing Our First Condition-Level Review on Tuberculosis Care

In March 2021, on World Tuberculosis Day, we launched our first condition-level review on tuberculosis, one of the world’s most infectious diseases.

Tuberculosis is a highly preventable disease that disproportionately affects communities experiencing higher rates of poverty, crowded living conditions, and poor access to health care. Through a digital platform on the CADTH website, we have been able to support Canadian health care decision-makers treating this disease. Policy-makers, clinicians, and patients have access to more than 35 synthesized and appraised evidence reviews mapped to the prevention, identification, treatment, and management of tuberculosis.

CADTH acknowledges the research methods and recommendations from McMaster University, Michael G. DeGroote Cochrane Canada Centre, National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases, and Evidence Prime for their assistance in developing our digital evidence platform.

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