Aligning the Reimbursement Review Processes

Aligning the Reimbursement Review Processes

In September 2020, we took a significant step forward in making its Reimbursement Review program more cohesive, transparent, and responsive by establishing a harmonized review process for drugs submitted to CADTH for assessment.

Previously, there were different procedures for each of our review pathways: Common Drug Review, pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review, and Interim Plasma Protein Product Review. Today, there is a single procedure that incorporates best practices from each program.

The aligned procedure was the outcome of an extensive program review. Brent Fraser, CADTH Vice-President of Pharmaceutical Reviews, led a 6-week public consultation period during which CADTH received and considered input from 80 organizations or individuals representing public payers, drug manufacturers, patient groups, clinician groups, consultants, and others.

The new aligned process provides the opportunity for drug sponsors to comment on scientific reports before expert committee meetings and for patient and clinician groups to comment on draft reimbursement recommendations.

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