Updating the Patient Input Guide Through Consultations

Updating the Patient Input Guide Through Consultations

In December 2020, we released our updated Guidance for Providing Patient Input. The guide is a key resource for patient groups, patients, and caregivers who contribute to the CADTH Reimbursement Review process.

We updated the guide with help from feedback from more than 35 patient groups. Key improvements suggested by patient groups included:

  • expanding the definition of a “patient group” and outlining patient group eligibility criteria
  • providing clear examples of how patient input is used as part of CADTH’s review process and during expert committee deliberations
  • offering a step-by-step description of the Reimbursement Review process and highlighting opportunities and expectations for patient group involvement
  • clarifying the conflict of interest declaration and the type of information to be disclosed to support transparency and help ensure consistency across patient group submissions
  • updating our list of commonly used acronyms to help patient groups who may be navigating our process for the first time.

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