Showcasing 2021 Health Technology Trends on CADTH’s Watch List

Showcasing 2021 Health Technology Trends on CADTH’s Watch List

On February 17, 2021, we published our list of Health Technology Trends to Watch. Included in this report were 10 emerging health technology trends poised to have a significant influence on the future of health care in Canada that we identified through our Horizon Scanning program.

Artificial intelligence, connected devices, and COVID-19 home sampling were among the trends expected to gain momentum through 2021. Some of these technologies were new or recently approved by regulators, while others were already in use in Canada. They all pointed to a growing need for the health care system to prepare for disruption and potential adoption.

As noted by Dr. Lesley Dunfield, CADTH’s Acting Vice-President of Medical Devices and Clinical Interventions, “Health technologies are major drivers of change in Canadian health systems. When decision-makers are aware of what is in the pipeline, they have a greater ability to plan for the budgetary, operational, and ethical aspects of implementing a new technology.”

Our Health Technology Trends to Watch list garnered subsequent media attention and was featured on the cover of the April 2021 issue of Hospital News.

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