Partnering With Choosing Wisely Canada

Partnering With Choosing Wisely Canada

In March 2021, under the leadership of CADTH’s Executive Strategy Lead, Heather Logan, we partnered with Choosing Wisely Canada to identify actions that could lead to better post-pandemic health care for Canadians.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the effects of delayed non-urgent care and elective procedures were a top concern of patients, health care professionals, and policy-makers. As our health systems began to reopen, it was important tackle the issue of low-value care — the tests and treatments that offer little benefit to patients and can waste health system resources —to help ensure that patients would receive high-quality and necessary care.

Choosing Wisely Canada reviewed its existing evidence-based recommendations with clinician experts and curated a short list of low-value treatments. CADTH then convened a panel of Canadian clinician, patient, and policy experts to review the shortlist and develop final recommendations.

The results of this work were presented at Choosing Wisely Canada’s National Meeting. A report was also published in CADTH’s Canadian Journal of Health Technologies.

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